Stogwerks is the website of Giles Stogdon, English and Drama teacher, extraordinaire. It serves as a portal to find out more about me and hopefully book me to teach you English or provide training for working in the world of show business (English speaking).

I’ve been working in school settings on and off for over 25 years, but school is not always the best place to learn, especially when it comes to modern languages or the performing arts.

in recent years have become increasingly disappointed with the compromises we are forced to make when teaching and learning in the traditional educational setting of a school. The very size, complexity and arbitrary hierarchies of school institutions can stifle creative minds or distract from the process of acquiring a language.

I have decided to free myself from the confines of mainstream school teaching and create my own learning space where every lesson becomes a collaborative endeavour between students and teacher.

If this idea chimes with you, then you might want to sign up for some lessons with me, at STOGWERKS.